April 13- Progress

Dear Sunday April,

what would you say about this week? Is there progress?

Last week we agreed that I have nourished limiting beliefs concerning love and work. Have I done anything to replace them with positive ones?

No 1 limiting belief: love is alienating. If you want freedom you have to do without.

What is my counter-argument? I can love other people in an empowering way: my friends, for example. I could try it for my partner. There must exist other individuals who are capable of the same thing!

No 2 limiting belief: working with others can be alienating because they try to dominate you. If you want freedom, you stay away from powerful dominating individuals.

Any objections? Yes, I can become an example of an open, empowering person for my associates; someone who can respect and value their point of view. If I can do it, someone else is capable of it too. I just need to be more trusting and meet influential people with concrete suggestions.

Any progress this week? Any actions?

Well, concerning work, there has been huge progress: I thought of a strategy and contacted influential people in my field who responded in an encouraging way. (They expect me of course to furnish some evidence).

And love? I have invited N to my summer event and tried to be less defensive than usually.
I have also encouraged D to visit me during Easter holidays.

Ok, you might object, but is progress just a question of quantity? Although some form of interaction is important, is there a qualitative difference?

Well yes, in realizing that I am defensive, sometimes, especially with people I find attractive, and I don’t need to. Afraid that my way of life is different, and that it might be rejected.

But everybody is different in a way.

Am I open and accepting towards others who don’t have the same opinions and views?




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