April 10- the exception to the rule

April bonsoir,

“You never know what path life takes”, told me a friend today, after I mentioned the negative predictions of the Argentinian artist, that I met earlier today.

The Argentinian was pessimistic: since the last time he was in Paris, three years ago, the situation appeared to him more difficult for independent artists. It might be better for you to move to another place, he advised me.

May be Brazil, or Northern Europe.

My other friend, on the contrary, was giving me examples of exceptions in cases that were considered hopeless.

Sometimes people say something, and it seems to be the rule, impossible to contest, but is it?

We would like to be the exception, but do we know for sure that a certain situation is the rule? Is it “scientifically proven”, a form of reality, out there, stronger than us? Do we have the knowledge, or do we prefer to conform with a rumor, than take the trouble to search?

Or is it us who make the rules by our everyday actions, dreams, networks?

Anyway, I made plans for an event with the Argentinian, beginning 2015, an artistic event that could bring together South-Americans and Europeans.

We are the exception because we make the rules



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