April 9- the threshold

April hello again,

I read in another blog that the threshold is the turning point; at least it is like that I understood the citation.

Do I have any evidence to sustain this belief? Absolutely no.

Do I need any? Of course not.

When did I get this feeling? A few minutes ago, as I started writing.

The highlight of the day has been lunch with N, and his younger associate. In the restaurant close to the headquarters of our Platform, where you easily run into people related to event organization, and artists. N was just behind me, and after the traditional “bise” accompanied with a smile, he seemed to be looking for an opening line. I asked him if he was expecting company. He said yes, and his associate appeared. But they could join me if I wanted to.

I accepted since I had already parked my trench and hand bag in one of the tables. N asked me to present myself, and what I do in life to his associate. It was a challenge but I managed to face it. I presented one of my projects for this summer, which will take place by the sea in the South of France. He seemed interested. I promised to email him more information.

When I reported this conversation to a good friend, she told me that people of our generation don’t know what they want. There is a miscommunication with ourselves and with others: are we talking about business? Or does it concern pleasure? Do I like this person? Does he like me? I don’t have a clue. Does he want to participate in my event because he likes the spot by the sea?

The confusion between working and dating has been present in my life with some rare exceptions. C, the guy who doesn’t have a clue about what I do, and M, my former fiancĂ© who wanted me to give it up to dedicate myself to him. This is why he is my ex.

So merging work and pleasure is not a bad thing as such. May be the summer project is an opportunity to see if N and I can communicate in a deeper level than the style of my shoes. I will try to be less susceptible to see what happens.

And, if he performs in the event, it is already a plus.