April 8- windy Paris

Hey, April, it was windy today,

and I need a powerful and disinterested mentor in my field.

That was the main objective of the day. So I had a meeting with L, who gathers all the prerequisites for the job: a kind of godfather, so to speak, whose mission is to transform my professional dreams into reality.

We met in the head-quarters of our work platform, during his break. He drunk a coke, I took a “noisette”, an espresso with some milk. I suggested two projects and asked him if he would be interested to collaborate. He liked the idea. He just warned me to be cautious and make sure we have the necessary means to create the events.

He advised me to see another powerful person for this reason.

This rendezvous made me hungry. As I went to a nearby restaurant, I fell on a colleague who succeeded to get funding for her event. She was there with one of her partners, and asked me to join them. Am I a bit jealous? No, my time is coming soon!

Just after, it was the moment to see K, the Argentinian artist who is in Paris for a few days. We had met three years ago. He was in love with me, and I liked him a lot. We had projects together. He had to go back to his country. I was not into him enough to follow him.

And I need someone right here. Going to the same café


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