April 7 : changing or not?

Dear April,

you changed every possible mood today: sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy, the only thing we didn’t have was snow; at least in Paris.

The same thing happened to me: the day ended happily with a drink in one of the small caf├ęs of my street, chatting with a friend who is at the end of her job contract and actively searching…

But before that…

I had a meeting with the Big Boss, the no 1 of our platform.

Eh… how can I explain this? I don’t have a salary, but I have an office and people who boss us around telling us that we should organize successful events and bring money to the platform… if that makes any sense to you. It is as if I have a franchise of a company, but it is up to me to make money out of this, and when it comes to artistic production it is not that easy. At least this is what I tell myself.

So, any change today from what I usually do?

Yes, because I tried a new strategy: the wannabe boss who had insulted me a week ago, is no 2 in this structure. My plan was to see no 1 and propose something that would take me to a different level. And in big part, it succeeded. That is, no 1 found that I have a clear vision. He referred me to other people who can help me materialize it. Even if things don’t work exactly as expected, there is a new dynamic.

All I need is to go towards people who respect my ideas, or discuss them with an open spirit, and don’t try to put me down. As the no 2 does.

Ok, so professionally, there is progress: a new strategy, a vision or project that will eventually liberate me from the dragon and will empower me.

How about love?

Eh, I had an email from C, an Italian I dated twice -last week. He wants to see me when he comes back from his short trip in Hungary.

C was warm and demonstrative, he also cooks nice pasta and likes to clean up the house- or so he said. He found me irresistible, on the first date.

But, when he learnt I don’t have a regular job, he considered me strange, and he was not thrilled of an artistic project that doesn’t make money. He didn’t share my belief that my future book will make a successful film in Hollywood.

Well C, I don’t know if I will become a multimillionaire- or not- from my art, but I need a guy who loves me the way I am every day: changing.

April, May and June. Seasons change, they are all beautiful. The same are women.