April 5

Hello dear April,

how can I describe this Saturday? A lazy and productive day, yes, it is possible to combine the two:

to begin with, coffee with my best friend. I wondered if I should or not go out  with a friend who is divorcing and is going through a hard time. He has a two year old daughter that makes things more complex.

The idea was to lift his spirit, but I was not sure I was up to this mission by myself. What if I invited him with another friend? Or invite him to a comedy?

This triggered a discussion about the best couples we know, and those who are disfunctional. Is there a recipie? Difficult to say. Especially when neither of us has experienced a very successful relationship, in the past, so it is just speculating.

In the cases of disfunctional couples, we found people who had different values and would not stand those of their partner. In the case of the most successful ones, cases where the partners seemed to be complementary, and who are investing in the relationship: for example learning their partner’s language, if they come from a different background (or trying).

Is this enough for a sparkle? Mmm, no idea…

How about some practice?

I had a friendly-professional lunch in my favorite café, close to where I live. At the same time, there is a guy I like who always has lunch there on Saturdays, B. Since my friend was late, there was a chance to chatt with him. Isn’t he wonderful! But he always comes with friends and we don’t say much more than: “hi how are you? I am expecting a friend who is late! Oh, she is a Mexican, that explains… (sorry to the Mexicans, he was joking …). And a “bise” of course. The French kisses that serve to greet friends.

When is he going to realize that I am the woman of his dreams and make his declaration in front of all the café customers?

By the way, the friendly-professional lunch went well, we exchanged information on our field, and possibilities for collaboration, with some gossiping of course 🙂

Oh, the divorced friend was in charge of his daughter, so I didn’t have to take him out. This time.


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