April 4

Hello April,

Today, I have asked for help with my CV to a friend who is more knowledgable on this question, for one of the two real job applications  I have in mind, with deadline on April 24. I need to see what else is necessary this weekend 😉

So, someone could have asked: you will tell me this is all? You woke up, and all you did was to write an email to a friend in order to help you with your CV? Which means that the CV has not even been sent to this friend…

Of course there is more, I have also taken care of practical questions related to the organization of an event, asked another colleague feedback on my profile and on the best strategy for the future.

And most of all, I have taken action in order to invite an important ally as a future collaborator.

How about love?

I have seen friends, for coffee, lunch and apéritif, as well as for an interesting art exposition.

Ok April, how about love?

Friendship has been important today, love for my flowers.

Oh, I have given” the bise” to two former admirers: a 60 year old and a nice looking in his 40s. N.,the youngest, is someone  I had been briefly in love with, 3 years ago. We eat in the same restaurant, and it had seemed mutual attraction, but for some reason, something stopped us. May be it was after he made a comment on my shoes that he had considered “bourgeois”. As well as my tastes. I felt offended, and considered him narrow minded. It is funny because he is making more money than me who is actually unemployed. I was also jealous to see him have coffee with all these other women at the same bar. After all, he has never invited me out to something, but once; and it is true that I didn’t go. May be he is afraid I don’t like his life-style and he is defensive, the way I am defensive. Or may be, we have other soul mates in another restaurant. Anyway, may be I could be more cool next time.



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